Since day one, Melco is the only company to require, on a global basis, responsible gaming training for all colleagues across the board, gaming and non-gaming, management and non-management. We are committed to the development and maintenance of a culture of responsible gaming in every jurisdiction in which we operate, respecting and fully cooperating with international government and gaming regulators.

Mr. Lawrence Ho
Chairman & CEO
Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Responsible Gaming (RG) has always been a top priority at Melco; instilling a culture of responsible gaming is inherent in everyone’s role. Melco’s RG programs began in 2007, the year after it was listed on the U.S. Nasdaq market.

In 2021, City of Dreams, Studio City and Altira Macau became the first in Macau to achieve “RG Check” accreditation by the prestigious international third-party Responsible Gambling Council. “RG Check” is the most comprehensive RG accreditation program in the world. Including Melco’s properties in Manila and Cyprus, the company became the first operator in the world to have its entire portfolio of integrated resorts “RG Check”-accredited. Melco scored above industry average for RG Policy, Strategy and Culture; demonstrating its commitment to RG.

In recognition of the Company’s RG strategy, Melco is also proud to be named the Socially Responsible Operator of the Year for RG at the International Gaming Awards in 2019 and won the Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Business Awards of Macau in 2017.

Top management participate in RG Steering Committee meetings


Led by its Chairman & CEO Lawrence Ho, Melco takes a proactive approach towards RG and social responsibility. The Melco RG Steering Committee was founded in 2008 and is personally led by the Chairman & CEO as the Executive Sponsor.

The RG Steering Committee and its policies are global and apply to all jurisdictions in which Melco operates, subject to local regulations. The Committee is comprised of cross-functional members from diverse departments–both gaming and non-gaming–including the Property Leaders and COO. The Committee meets minimum annually, target quarterly – to review and approve strategic initiatives, including the RG promotion plan. Separate working committees meet more regularly to propose and implement initiatives.


Melco’s global RG policy and strategy can be divided into three focus areas to ensure that a comprehensive framework is implemented throughout the group:

Technology & process

Facial Recognition​

In 2016, Melco became the first operator in Asia to deploy real-time facial recognition security (FRS) systems at every entrance to its gaming areas in Macau, assisting self-exclusions. Today, Melco’s resorts deploy the latest facial recognition technology in Macau, Manila and Cyprus.

Communication of RG Information and Resources

Melco collaborates with NGOs, the government and social/health services to produce and distribute educational RG materials. Information provided addresses the risks and signs of problem gambling, help services and exclusion programs. The information is produced in multiple languages and formats (e.g., in print or through mobile devices) and are available and displayed prominently throughout the integrated resort (e.g., via interactive displays, videos on guest shuttle buses, pamphlets placed near ATMs, on the gaming floor and in restaurants). RG booths/kiosks are located on the gaming floor.

Community Engagement

Melco has a strong track record of community partnerships and collaborations in Responsible Gaming. We will continue to collaborate with local government, NGOs and universities to promote RG education within the community, support gaming research and harm prevention support systems.

Community Education on RG

In addition to meeting all regulatory requirements for operators to display RG information to visitors, Melco will continue to raise awareness in the local community. Example initiatives include partnership with local production house Free Dream to produce a TV commercial raising awareness of RG. The commercial was aired on Teledifusão de Macau (TDM) during primetime viewing hours.

Women and Responsible Gaming Workshops

This series of workshops provide the women in Melco’s communities with information on RG. To encourage participation, the RG curriculum is interwoven with lifestyle topics such as flower arrangement, gift wrapping, cooking, etc. The program was launched in 2018 and workshops are conducted in partnership with Gaming Employee Home.

Microfilm promoting positive gaming attitudes

The objective of this microfilm was to instill positive values in gaming practitioners, in particular the dealer segment of the workforce. Using a movie as a medium to engage audiences was an innovative approach in RG. Melco supported the project financially and helped with story production, script writing and the provision of shooting locations. The company participated to ensure the project contributed to the development of Macau’s local creative arts industry. This microfilm received tremendous recognition from the community and the Macau government.

Colleague education & awareness

Melco colleagues are key to its RG strategy; as reflected in its commitment to training and RG awareness – with 173,000 participants trained since the beginning – resulting in colleague recognition from:

  • Macau Government-led RG Knowledge Competition 2014 & 2016 Champions: Melco was the only gaming operator in Macau to win first place in two out of the three years this competition
  • RG Man knowledge competition (hosted by Gaming Employee Home): winner in 2019 and 1st runner up in 2021
  • RG Train-the-Trainer Excellence Award 2017 & 2018 for MRGA external certification program


RG training is mandatory for every Melco colleague – gaming and non-gaming, management and non-management. The company’s RG training program is systematic and tiered by level of knowledge required depending on role and is delivered online as well as in classrooms.

Heart-of-House Educational Tools

The walls of Melco’s Heart-of-House employee areas are wrapped with large visual displays about its RG program. A digital display and kiosk stations serve as educational interactive tools.

RG Awareness Activities

RG awareness activities take place every 2-3 months within Melco properties and are an essential part of colleague engagement. To date, over 137,000 colleagues have taken part. These activities take place in Melco’s Heart-of-House Areas and aim to be interactive and fun. Activities include:
  • Game booths with interactive games and prizes to test and reinforce RG knowledge
  • The annual ‘Quiz for Knowledge’ competition hosted property-wide for all colleagues (gaming and non-gaming) is attended by Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau and other community associations
  • Roadshows co-organized with NGOs offer support and counselling to colleagues and/or families
  • Photo/Video competitions for colleagues to use their creative skills to share their RG message in an artistic manner
  • Utilization of the MelcoToday colleague mobile app to post “RG Monthly Focus” bulletins, each with a monthly RG theme, message and training fact highlighted