Over the years, Melco has received many awards globally in recognition of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. Melco’s eight core CSR pillars include Youth, Education, Environment, Women, Responsible Gaming, Whole Person Development, Culture/Heritage and Small and Medium Enterprise.

On this website, IAG will look into Melco’s strategy and its CSR performance focusing on the following areas:




Chairman and CEO, Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited

The pandemic has shown us that we live in an increasingly interconnected and fragile world. We are determined to emerge from this pivotal moment in time, not as we were before, but more deeply aware of the needs of the world around us, and more purposeful in how business can meet those needs.

Keeping our colleagues and communities safe, healthy and supported has naturally remained central to our operations. From the launch of in-house mental wellness seminars, and supplying our colleagues and guests with healthy and sustainable food options, to the continuing success of our campaigns that support community needs and promote the prosperity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) — our efforts have profoundly demonstrated the importance of societal wellbeing for business resilience.

We are proud to be the first and only integrated resort operator to receive RG Check, the most prestigious responsible gaming (RG) accreditation from Responsible Gambling Council, the esteemed third-party accreditation for RG, across our global portfolio. We also continue to develop our successful “Simple Acts of Kindness” initiative, which has been of critical importance for supporting local communities during these challenging times.


Vice Chairman and CEO, IAG

Welcome to this IAG supplement showcasing some of the wonderful CSR efforts Melco has engaged in throughout Macau in recent years. It’s been a delight to put this special issue together, and fascinating to study the various CSR initiatives – from working with local SMEs to whole person development to responsible gaming and much more.

Melco stands out as a company always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to assist society when needed. One particular example really sticks in my mind. Five years ago, when Macau was devastated by Typhoon Hato, Melco Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho within 24 hours ordered 2,000 construction workers, who had been working on the company’s newest luxury hotel Morpheus at City of Dreams, to immediately be redirected towards city relief efforts. Melco also donated MOP$30 million in cash to assist.

It’s this kind of nimble, creative and agile decision making that Melco is known for. Please enjoy reading about some of their initiatives in recent years.

CSR strategic focus and approach

Contributing economically and socially to the communities in which it operates drives Melco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. Melco’s CSR pillars form its strategic focus and approach, with its core CSR pillars including Youth, Education, Environment, Women, Responsible Gaming, Whole Person Development, Culture/Heritage and Small and Medium Enterprise.

Volunteering and philanthropy are ways through which Melco honor its commitment to the community.

Its approach is driven by:

  • Focusing on the needs of the Macau community;
  • Enhancing economic prosperity of local suppliers and SMEs;
  • Bringing proactive solutions to recognized social issues;
  • Partnering and collaborating with government agencies, local businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and community organizations;
  • Developing unique and differentiated programs; and
  • Incorporating society’s needs into business strategies, for a corporate sustainability approach.


Volunteerism is part of Melco’s DNA and colleagues continue to be encouraged to participate in giving back to the community. Since 2007, an estimated 207,000 CSR participants have joined Melco’s Macau community engagement activities. The company received numerous awards for its CSR efforts, including CSR of the Year by Global Gaming Awards Asia, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Contribution by G2E Asia Awards, Industry Community Awards by International Gaming Awards and CSR Grand Prize in Macau Business Award.


The importance of CSR is evidenced by the active involvement of Melco Chairman and CEO in the company’s CSR Steering Committee. The Committee is also a regular agenda item for the Melco Board of Directors. It comprises primarily of local colleagues and meets monthly to review proposed initiatives of the various working committees, which meet more frequently for implementation.

US$2M+ “Get the Jab” Incentive Program – 95% colleagues fully vaccinated

In the face of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Melco swiftly mobilized its network and resources to extend helping hands not only to its colleagues, suppliers and guests but also to the local communities it touches.
Development of local people is a top priority. Melco’s “Whole Person Development” is a holistic system which embraces a generalist career path beyond a technical or functional only focus. Embedded are various programs that transcend classroom training, including experiences and exposure which enhance personal growth, creating a stronger foundation for sustainable success.

Driving economic prosperity for Macau’s SMEs through a coherent philosophy of supporting and openly communicating with local businesses, wide community engagement and maximizing local procurement.

The world’s first IR operator to receive RG Check – the esteemed third-party accreditation for Responsible Gaming – from the Responsible Gambling Council across its entire portfolio.