Melco has programs to support development of local colleagues for management roles. In Macau, 38% of our management were locals back in 2008. That same year, Lawrence Ho targeted 50% of management would be locals by 2010; the initiative called Melco’s ‘50/2010 Action’. The Company achieved over 50% by the target date. Today that figure is 88%.


Melco adopts a systematic approach to accelerate growth through Whole Person Development. Initiatives dedicated to talent diversification enables the company to nurture non-gaming and creative talent. Its various talent diversification programs provide colleagues and the community with:

  • Cross-functional exposure into various departments other than one’s own for foundation development
  • Exposure to various experiences, projects and challenges
  • Development opportunities ranging from singular tasks to projects that can last anything from an hour to days, weeks, or months

Highlight programs include:

  • Foundation Acceleration Program
  • Culinary Foundation Acceleration Program
  • Dare to Dream
  • Labour Affairs Bureau – Graduate Trainee Program
  • Learning Academy


Melco’s Foundation Acceleration Program (FAP) enables colleagues to benefit from exposure to different functions and departments to gain a breadth of knowledge from across the business. Experiences can range from a project for a single day, to a long-term employment transfer.

  • Cross functional talent development
  • Launched in 2015 with the belief that training and development should extend beyond the classroom and that service excellence requires a broad spectrum of exposure
  • Short- and long-term cross-functional placements and experiences provide exposure beyond one’s specialty, broadening skillsets
  • In the last two years, there has been special emphasis placed on engaging gaming colleagues in non-gaming FAP
  • In 2021, Melco provided a total of approximately 92,000 FAP experiences, of which 99% were taken by locals
  • 88,000 (96%) of FAP experiences were from gaming to non-gaming
  • Of all FAP participants, 81% were dealers


  • Launched in 2021
  • Macau’s first culinary program of its kind
  • In collaboration with the Labour Affairs Bureau and the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies
  • Responds to ongoing demand for local culinary talent by nurturing Macau residents’ interest and commitment to the local culinary industry

“The Melco Culinary FAP will further develop local culinary talent amongst our colleagues and the community and help enhance career opportunities as part of our contribution to the diversified development of Macau and the Greater Bay Area.”

Ms Akiko Takahashi, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff to Chairman & CEO, Melco Resorts & Entertainment


A special three stage FAP program has been devised and implemented for Melco colleagues ahead of the opening of Melco’s Studio City Phase 2. Colleagues are given opportunities to experience, receive exposure and enrich knowledge and skills in non-gaming hotel operations. To date, more than 7,600 gaming colleague participants have joined the program to broaden their experience and perspectives to benefit their personal and career development goals.

Stage 1 – FAP Experiential Tours

  • A property tour to experience and observe a typical day of work in various departments

Stage 2 – FAP Roadshow

  • Explore further FAP or internal career opportunities

Stage 3 – FAP Training

  • Service immersion and brand training
  • On-the-job training and coaching


This program organized by the Labour Affairs Bureau aims to help local graduates make informed decisions for their future careers by providing exposure to the hospitality industry. Established in 2020, Melco created a tailored program for local university graduates to undertake 3-month-long placements across the business, including operational areas like Property Services and corporate functions like Legal, Finance and HR. The program was awarded the Silver Award for “Best Graduate Recruitment Program” at the 2021 HR Asia Recruitment Awards.


Melco Scholarships were launched in 2010 to support employees and their immediate family members, providing awards of financial assistance to support undergraduate education in Mainland China, Greater China and other global institutions.

Hope Scholarships

Melco’s Hope Scholarships offer financial assistance to colleagues and family members who have experienced hardship or misfortune. The initiative has benefitted 115 Melco colleagues and family members since the its inception. In Macau, the annual scholarship selection panel comprises representatives from Education and Youth Development Bureau, University of Macau, Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macao Polytechnic University, Macao Polytechnic Institute – Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies, and Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff’s Association.


Melco’s Whole Person Development initiatives focus also on offering colleagues and the community international exposure. Programs include Dare to Dream and Melco Scholarships.


Launched in 2012, the company’s signature Dare to Dream series creates and supports inspiring opportunities for young persons in Macau by providing exposure to renowned world-class maestros of the arts.

Dare to Dream is a key signature program with aim to inspire and nurture young talent in art and innovation.

The program has gained worldwide support from iconic creative legends, including collaborations with the late ‘Queen of the Curve’, architect Dame Zaha Hadid DBE, Mr. Franco Dragone, the creative genius behind the award-winning water-based theatrical experience ‘The House of Dancing Water’, culinary world masters Mr. Alain Ducasse and Mr. Pierre Hermé and renowned fashion designer Mr. Barney Cheng.

“We are committed to Whole Person Development, and ultimately, strengthening each individual in the community makes for a stronger community.”

Mr. Lawrence Ho
Chairman & CEO
Melco Resorts & Entertainment


To help colleagues build a career and achieve academic success simultaneously, the Back to School program launched in 2010 in partnership with the Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macau provides colleagues who left school prematurely the opportunity of formal education – to obtain high school diplomas while they work.


  • Melco Learning Academy launched Melco YOU-niversity in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University in September 2015
  • Fully-funded program for selected colleagues to achieve a bachelor’s degree while working
  • Unique in Macau, and one of just very few in Asia
  • 15 colleagues per intake graduated from the two-year program from Melco YOU-niversity to achieve Bachelor of Arts in International Business Practice, of whom nine have been promoted or have made internal career switches since completing the program


  • To facilitate and instill the value of lifelong learning among colleagues, Melco has been providing a customized curriculum since 2009 with around 7,800 courses through Learning Academy, the first ever in-house academy in Macau.
  • In 2021, 91% of total training hours were taken up by locals.


Melco promotes career development through in-house opportunities. Company policy mandates that most vacancies be internally posted, and where qualifications are equal, priority should be given to the internal candidate. Melco’s hiring philosophy is “Hire for attitude, potential, and image, and train on skills”. This approach facilitates cross-functional career paths because it relies more on transferable traits than prior experience of job specifics.

Since inception, the company has offered over 31,000 internal promotions and transfers.

The company recognizes the importance of career development opportunities for talent retention. Its culture of promoting internal opportunities is evidenced by the below results: